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Additional Federal Contractor Obligations

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs on December 16, 2010 issued Transmittal Number 293, which is attached to this blog.  The purpose of that transmittal is to alert healthcare providers that they may be considered subcontractors subject to the requirements of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.  While it has been clear (and […]

Delay In Physician Pay Reduction

The 2012 Federal budget proposed by the Obama Administration delays the threatened 28% cut in Medicare payments to doctors for two (2) more years, until after the elections.  This approach continues kicking the can down the road, and does not permanently resolve the situation.  At a hearing on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, both Senate Finance […]

Florida Judge Rules That Healthcare Law Is Unconstitutional

This week’s headlines announced that a Federal Judge in Florida struck down the healthcare law as unconstitutional.  However, until the constitutionality issue is finally resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government and most (if not all), state agencies will continue to proceed with the implementation of the statute.  As stated in an earlier […]


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