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The Medicare Board of Trustees the same as last year, projected that the Medicare program will be insolvent in 2024.  Unfortunately, just as last year, the news may be even worse than that.  If you read pages 277-279 of the Trustee’s report which is the Actuarial Opinion, there are two (2) critical assumptions being made […]

“Romneycare” a Precursor of “Obamacare”

As commonly discussed, people look to “Romneycare” to see what steps are occurring in Massachusetts and whether or not those steps are precursors to what will happen under “Obamacare” (PPACA).  At two speeches I attended last summer in Boston during the American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, the Governor of Massachusetts praised the increased access […]

Obama Healthcare Plan Unconstitutional? Maybe

A Virginia Federal District Court declared the Obama Healthcare plan unconstitutional today.  Other Federal District Courts have declared it constitutional.  In light of these conflicting judicial outcomes, there is no doubt that this case will ultimately be decided by the United States Supreme Court.  That of course, will take a period of time which will […]

Legislative Goals of Federal Healthcare Reform

I recently attended the American Health Lawyers Annual Meeting in Seattle.  Much of the focus of the Annual Meeting this year was on the federal healthcare reform legislation and its impact on healthcare providers.  Over the coming months and years, many of our blog posts will address the healthcare reform legislation, the implementing regulations, and […]

A New Era in Healthcare

The recently passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare and Education Record Act of 2010 (hereinafter jointly “PPACA”) will impact employers, employees, their dependents, insurance companies, healthcare providers and state agencies at a minimum.  While PPACA consists of over 2,000 pages, the implementation of PPACA will require, by the terms of PPACA […]

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