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Medicare Joins New Jersey Medicaid In Mandating Pre-Authorization for Non-Emergency Ambulance Transports

CMS has announced that it will be transitioning to us of a prior authorization requirement for repetitive non-emergency ambulance transports.  New Jersey Medicaid already has a pre-authorization requirement. Under the prior authorization requirement, ambulance suppliers will need submit a request for provisional affirmation of coverage before a non-emergency, repetitive ambulance transport is rendered to a […]

CMS Issues Data Listing Medicare Payments To Individual Physicians

As it had promised to do, the Medicare program issued data listing the amounts paid to individual physicians for services rendered by those physicians to Medicare beneficiaries for calendar year 2012.  CMS indicated that the data was issued “in order to make our healthcare system more transparent, affordable, and accountable.”  The Wall Street Journal has […]

CMS Issues Proposed Emergency Preparedness Regulations

As the nation struggled with historically low temperatures and many providers dealt with emergencies arising from the extreme weather, CMS issued proposed regulations which would implement additional emergency preparedness requirements for a wide range of Medicare-participating providers and suppliers. The proposed regulations are designed to ensure that providers and suppliers are adequately prepared for both […]

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