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Prescriptions From Outside the US

June 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Prescriptions From Outside the US
Posted by Frank Ciesla


The State of Florida has passed legislation authorizing the residents of the State of Florida to be able to order and receive prescription medicine from locations outside of the United States. What is undisputed is the fact that many prescriptions are cheaper in many other countries, if not all other countries, than they are in the United States.

The risk involved is whether or not those prescription drugs, that are ordered from other places than the United States, will meet the safety standards set for drugs within the United States. Even in those circumstances where the drugs originate in the United States and are shipped to a foreign country, there is a risk as to whether or not their handling complies with the necessary requirements to assure no contamination.

This problem can be avoided if we were, as I pointed out in prior blogs (;;, to adopt a Most Favored Nations approach.  Under that approach, you would not need to buy prescription drugs outside of the United States, since the price of such prescription drugs, within the United States, would be equal to the lowest price in any other location.  This approach eliminates a number of issues that would confront the consumer.



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