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Lawsuit Challenges Exchange Distinctions

There is a lawsuit pending, in the District of Columbia, challenging the ability of the federal government to provide a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act in those cases in which the individual is enrolling pursuant to a federal exchange.  This lawsuit is based upon the fact that the language of the statute provides that […]

Better Care at Lower Cost: If Patients Comply

New legislation is being introduced in the Senate by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Republican Senator Johnny Isakson and in the House by Democrat Peter Welch and Republican Erik Paulsen.  It is known as the Better Care Lower Cost Act of 2014.  The focus of the proposed legislation is the elimination of fee for service […]

Affordable Care Act Requirement For Medium Sized Employers Delayed Again

Businesses employing 50-100 employees have received yet another reprieve from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  Enforcement of the Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers of 50-100 employees to offer healthcare to full-time employees has been pushed back to January 1, 2016.  This is the second time the requirement was postponed.  The health care […]

Sustainable Growth Rate

It appears that half of the problem with the Sustainable Growth Rate has now been resolved.  Both the House and the Senate have agreed that there will be an annual update of .5% from 2014 through 2018.  The payment rates from 2018 would be maintained through 2023 during which times physicians could receive additional payments […]

Sustainable Growth Rate: An Update as to the Status of the Congressional Response

As you are aware, the implementation of the Sustainable Growth Rate (an approximately 30% reduction in payment to physicians in the Medicare program) was delayed until March 31st to provide an opportunity to permanently resolve the issue. Two competing bills have been reported in the House and the Senate (see our December 13, 2013 blog).  As […]


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